Judy Salinsky

Garibaldi Bronze
Garibaldi Facing LT.jpg

Every time I open my studio door, I can hear creative voices from all directions; “Start with me first!” “No, over here!”






Graduating from UC Irvine with a Bachelor's in Dance, my eclectic pursuit of art led me beyond dance, into pursuing new avenues of my artistic passion. As a dancer, I learned the importance of keeping a balance between discipline and true artistic freedom. As an artist, I continue to learn.


After the three-dimensional world of dance, my explorations into two-dimensions form started with the strengthening of my artistic foundations: color, light, and the human form. This led me to study color theory with, Sebastian Capella, a master in the  impressionist style who is from Spain. It was through Sebastian that I discovered the importance of knowing how colors interact when applying them in particular art mediums. 


After many years exploring the 2-D art form, my father, an award-winning wood craftsman, inspired me to revisit my roots, and I began to sculpt. Soon after beginning a re-exploration into my three-dimensional desires, my bronze sculpting efforts earned multiple awards and commissions.


I continue to work eclectically as an artist. Oil painting, sculpting, and my kitty, Angel, all vie for equal time in my art studio.


Judy is a native of Southern California.


Commissions Available

Corner Frame Shop & Leucadia Art Gallery

1038 N Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas, CA  92024

(760) 753-8829

Daily 10 - 5 pm

Closed Sunday

Solo Dancer

Thank you for your interest!